Rick Ortega Art.

The spiritual evolution of an artist is revealed in the paintings of Rick Ortega. He takes his audience on a journey through his inner visions, which are manifested into colorful compositions within his canvases. We sense the emotion of the subjects he paints, through their expressive faces, rendered brilliantly with vibrant colors that set the tone and mood of his pieces, Ortega's love for his Mexican roots are clearly revealed in each and every painting, along with a sense of pride and honor that encompass the visual poetry of his work. he digs deep into the hearts of the people he portrays, touching on the very essence of their being. the intense passion that this painter puts into his work, transcends into the soul of the viewer  and uplifts the spirit. Rick takes us on a journey to a divine state of being, where hope, wisdom, beauty, color and balance are revealed and we sense the grace and compassion of this highly gifted artist and his visually stunning works of art.

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