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        Rick Ortega was born in San Fernando, California on June 22, 1967 and was raised in the adjacent city of Pacoima. He remembers that it was in kindergarten that he was first intrigued by art, when a project for class was to color a bowl of fruit. his young eyes gazed at that colorful image as it hung in the living room of his home and remembers his mothers smile and that sense of accomplishment of what he had created and the great joy it brought to him and to the people who seen it. Throughout his adolescence, he continued to hone his skill by drawing constantly, sketching as many faces and bodies as he could, knowing that he kept improving with each piece he created.

        After graduating from San Fernando High School, he went on to L.A. Valley College with a major in Art and minor in Chicano Studies. The Combination of the two subjects would then be the overall basis for the artwork he would continue to produce throughout his life. Rick went on to work in a family run business, but never lost sight of his talent for creating meaningful works of art. He educated himself on different techniques of the trade and practiced constantly with an intense passion to be the best painter he could possibly be, with hope to create work that equaled that of the Great Masters. In 1996, he won a scholarship to attend The Art Center College of Design in Pasadena CA. The training he received there would exalt his methods of oil painting and allow him to be more expressive with his brushstrokes and use of color. His artwork slowly began to evolve into what he had always dreamed of, bringing his subjects to life, with the Fine Art of Figurative painting.

        Ortega soon began to exhibit his work at different festival events, galleries, colleges and universities throughout southern California. He became a committee member for Cultuaztlan, a non-profit organization that put together Day of the Dead shows in his hometown of San Fernando from 1995-2000. He then went on to become a member of Artino artist group, who put together many successful shows throughout the region. His work has been exhibited at Casa de la Cultura in New Mexico, Galeria Las Americas in Santa Monica, Indigena Gallery in Monrovia, Martinez Books in Santa Ana, Pueblo Galley in Los Angeles, Tia Chuchas Centro Cultural, Century Gallery in Sylmar, House of Brews, Gitana Gallery in San Fernando, DA Gallery in Pomona, El Portal in Pasadena, Homegirl Cafe, The Santa Paula Museum, The Jean Deleage Gallery, to name a few. Rick Ortega is currently a resident Artist at ChimMaya gallery in Los Angeles.

                Rick Ortega Art.